How bananas can explain the Trinity

  So how do you explain the Holy Spirit to anyone, when we’ve only just grasped that Jesus is God in human form?

Easy – just peel a banana and show the children the three sides of peel.  Explain that one of these is God the Father.  The second is God the Son (Jesus) and the third is God the Holy Spirit.  But yet the banana and its peel are still intact!  Just like God.

Then, for fun, peel the banana and cut into three.  Have three dips in a bowl – we had chocolate sauce to represent God the Father, strawberry sauce to represent God the Son and toffee sauce to represent the Holy Spirit.  The children can dip each of their pieces into each sauce to see that the banana is the same – it’s just the sauce which is different!

If you couldn’t make it to Young Church this week, try it at home with your kids.  We all had great fun and Fr Simon and Sue Taylor, our new Churchwarden, came to try it too!

See you back on Sunday 19th June when Phil will be explaining what Servers do, and we’ll be talking about how our Dads are Servers too (it’s Fathers’ Day!).

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